wrts15 technology skills and knowledge assignment

Assignment Overview

We all come into the class with different learning goals and expectations. Often your expectations are different than what the course offers, though we recognize the goal of the course is to help you meet the objectives of Writing Arts Core Value 6 (and other Core values). To help meet at least one of your personal goals, this assignment is going to ask you to identify one skill or knowledge area in which you become proficient during the semester.

The skills and knowledge areas must be within reason, such as learning basic HTML and/or CSS, becoming a professional blogger, considering how to bring writing technology into the elementary education classroom, and so on. You can’t choose things like learning how to compose mashups which takes a full semester of detailed instruction.

Each student will identify one skill or knowledge area and will compose a blog post toward the end of the semester showcasing their new skill set or knowledge. I will provide support and resources. If you have basic experience in a skill you must show that there is significant room for improvement.

You may have a vague awareness of the skill or knowledge area, but cannot have significant experience with it. For example, you might know that people use HTML and there are <p> tags, but you have never actually tried to coding a web page yourself. You might know you can have a domain name and WordPress.org site, but haven’t set one up yourself. You might know people use iPads to teach, but have never actually done it yourself.

Please tweet BW any questions you have and include #wrts15 hashtag.

Assignment Specifics and Due Dates

Assignment Proposal

Compose a 250 – 300 word proposal in which you discuss your chosen skill or knowledge area. In your proposal discuss why the skill or knowledge area is interesting to you and how you think it will help you either as a student in your future professional career. Also discuss any prior experience with the skill or knowledge area.

Due date: 2/5 on collaborative blog by class time

Assignment Learning Update

Compose ONE 650 word blog post in which you discuss your progress in becoming proficient in your skill or knowledge area. Please be specific and use multiple media in your post.

Due date: 2/24 on collaborative blog by class time

Final Assignment Blog Post

Compose ONE 400 word blog post in which you showcase your new skill or knowledge. Be as thorough as possible and use multiple media in your post.

Due date: 3/12 on collaborative blog by class time

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