bill wolff taken in november 2007I am an Assistant Professor of Writing Arts at Rowan University, a mid-sized state university in southern New Jersey. This summer I am teaching Introduction to Writing Arts for CPCE. In spring 2009, I taught 3 courses: an upper-level undergraduate course in which students will compose video oral histories, Writing, Research, Technology; Technologies and the Future of Writing, which is one of three modules in the course Introduction to Writing Arts; and a graduate course, Information Architecture.  In fall 2008 I taught Writing, Research, and Technology (this section focused on web design); Technologies and the Future of Writing; and a course for engineering majors that fulfills their second semester writing requirement, Sophomore Engineering Clinic. In summer 2008, I introduced two new courses to the Masters in Writing curriculum: Web Design and Creative Hypertext.

Please take a moment to explore my site, view my blog composing spaces, Twitter feed, past courses, vita (40Kb; last updated Nov. 2007), and take a look at my Flickr site (link will open in new window) and my old (and no longer maintained) portfolio (link will open in new window), as well. Continue reading to learn some more about my research and interests, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or comments.

current research

To be updated. . . .

In the meantime, you can see this Non-Salary Financial Grant proposal that was recently funded: “Mapping Relationships among Web 2.0 Applications: A Preliminary Investigation into a New Information Literacy” (.pdf)

recent publications

“Toward the Convergence of Wireless Technologies and Learning Space Design: A History and a Proposal,” Computers and Composition: An International Journal. Under review.

“‘A Chimera of Sorts’: Rethinking Educational Technology Grant Programs, Courseware Innovation, and the Language of Educational Change,” Computers & Education. In press.

Jennifer Courtney, Sanford Tweedie, and William I. Wolff, “What Exactly is this Major?: Creating a Writing Department’s Identity Through an Introductory Course.” Advance(d) Composition: Undergraduate Majors and the Future of the Discipline. Eds. Tom Moriarty and Greg Giberson, forthcoming, 2008.

recent conference presentations

“Approaching the Memex: On the Semiotics of Contemporary Information Systems.” Georgia Conference on Information Literacy. Savannah, GA (Oct. 2008). Accepted.

“When Understanding Hypertext Isn’t Enough: Notes toward a New Online Literacy.” The Seventh Biennial Thomas R. Watson Conference. Louisville, KY (Oct. 2008). Accepted.

“Preparing Online Communicators for the Future of Information Systems.” Third Annual International Association of Online Communicators Conference. Reykjavik, Iceland (June, 2008). Accepted. with Diane Penrod.

“Integrating Technology,” part of the panel “Building and Sustaining an Independent Writing Major: Insights from a Decade of Departmental Experience,” Conference on College Composition and Communication. New Orleans, LA (April, 2008).

“Preparing Writers for the Future of Information Systems.” 4th International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society. Boston, MA (Jan. 2008). with Diane Penrod.

“Welcome to the ‘Big Apple’: Geographical Space, Systems of Classification, and their Affects on Writing Instructor Identity.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. New York City, NY (March 2007).

“Rethinking Learning Environments: An Analysis of Student Laptop and Common Space Use at the University of Texas at Austin.” 2006 EDUCAUSE Southwest Regional Conference, Austin, TX (Jan 2006).

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