sunday, june 28, 2009: a day in photographs

I got up around 6:00am today (quite early for me) with a strong desire to take lots of photographs. So, that’s what I did—and I’m quiet pleased with how many of them turned out. This is nice; I haven’t been happy with the results of my last two or three outings. I think the poor quality images were the result poor afternoon light (much too bright) or that I wasn’t wearing my contacts (which forces me to use the LCD instead of the viewfinder). Who knows. I’m just happy that today turned out better.

The below slideshow of my Sunday, June 28, 2009 Flickr set showcases a selection of photos taken today at @wendyjs007‘s before breakfast, Rt. 40 in southern Jersey, and in @wendyjs007‘s backyard just after lunch. I hope you enjoy them. Comments and critiques, as always, welcome.

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