annotating images with voicethread

Jim Brown over at Blogging Pedagogy (by way of Earth Wide Moth) points to Voicethread, an application which allows users to annotate images documents, and videos with sound and text from multiple users. I have been searching for something like this for quite some time. I’ll be interested to see what kinds of assignments Jim comes up with (his assignments are always quite cool).

Right now I’m thinking of asking my grad course next semester, Writing for Electronic Communities, to use it in their presentations of their usability test results (as an alternative to the horror of PowerPoint, for example). Or, perhaps, to compose a Voicethread compendium to the written report which provides oral and written comments to screen shots and data. My engineering students this semester could orally describe their parametric design process as they optimized their bottle rocket and truss designs.

I’m having trouble with the embed—sorry!

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