composing ecologies

Students in my Technologies and the Future of Writing module of Introduction to Writing Arts are designing their own information ecologies.

information ecologies

These ecologies are comprised of:

The main question they will be considering is: How can each of these writing spaces help form your information ecology? Through the process of composing these ecologies, students are considering: the meaning of “technology” in multiple (and often conflicting) contexts; identity; writing spaces; ownership; classification systems (tagging and folksonomies); information architecture; and writing in online environments. The topics are introduced and presented in such a way to provide a foundation for their times as Writing Arts majors and prepare them to compose their final portfolios.

Today, in a rowdy and raucous class, we set up our blogs:

They’ll be posting on the readings and their own professional, educational, and personal interests. Check ’em out and see what you think.

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