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This page will contain videos and other tutorials. It is organized by week, with the most recent week on the top.

Advanced WordPress Layout Options (.pdf)

Week Fifteen

In this video I introduce how to upload to Youtube, chose the appropriate settings, embed the video in WordPress, and edit subtitles. Specifically, if covers:

0:00: Introductory remarks
0:50: Uploading the video to YouTube
1:30: Creating the Description and choosing the appropriate settings
6:00: Embedding the video in WordPress
7:40: Positioning the video with HTML code
9:50: Editing the subtitles

Week Fourteen

This video describes what a subdomain is and why one would need one, how to create a subdomain, how to install WordPress on the subdomain, and how to link to it from a main domain. It covers:

0:00: Introductory remarks
0:48: Defining a subdomain and why someone would create one
3:00: Creating the subdomain
4:15: Installing WordPress of the subdomain
7:10: Linking to the subdomain from the main domain

Week Seven

This video describes how to submit your Photography Techniques Assignment. The video covers:

0:00: Introductory remarks and what tabs to have open
1:25: Creating and editing the new Photography page
4:00: Adding a photograph and ALT text
5:55: Adding the title subheading
6:30: Writing the brief description
7:40: Setting the new default front page
9:15: Adding the Photography page to the menu

This video describes how to use Canva to create overlays. Specifically, the video discusses:

0:00: Introductory remarks and what to have to open
1:55: Uploading and editing the photo in Canva
3:20: Downloading the Rule of Thirds grid from the course website and uploading it to Canva
4:30: Using the Crop feature in Canva to show guide to help determine Rule of Thirds
5:20: Adding the Rule of Thirds grid you downloaded as a layer over the image
6:00: Downloading the image to your computer so you can eventually at it to your blog post
7:22: Creating overlay lines on an image

Week Four

This video introduces you to the WordPress dashboard, plugins, pages, and site customization. Specifically, it covers:

0:00: Introductory remarks and what you’ll need open, including the Some Important WordPress Terms document
3:22: Setting the theme so we are all working with Twenty Twenty-One
4:15: Publishing the site for the first time to ensure default pages are showing
5:30: Overview of the WordPress Dashboard
6:40: About WordPress Settings
8:10: About setting the Permalinks
8:35: Customizing the Reading settings
11:55: Installing various plugins
14:15: Editing the About page
19:10: Customizing the theme a bit
20:55: Customizing the Primary Menu
21:35: Closing remarks and to-dos

This video introduces you to creating a contact form on a WordPress site using the WPForms Lite plugin. Specifically, it covers:

0:00: Introductory remarks
2:20: Creating and editing the Simple Contact Form
8:05: Adding the created form to the Contact page
9:05: Viewing the form online

Video 2: Loading in Google Fonts

This video will introduce you loading Google Fonts into your WordPress site using the Fronts Plugin. Specifically, it covers:

0:00: Introductory remarks
0:40: Getting started with the plugin
1:50: Loading in the Google Fonts
2:30: About the plugin Basic Settings
3:20: Editing a page to add the loaded in fonts

Week Three

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