flip video workshop prezi

On March, 10, I led a workshop at Rowan entitled 6 7 Recommendations for Using Flip (and other) Video Cameras in the (non-video) Classroom (download a video of the full workshop [.mp4]). The workshop was offered as part of the terms of a grant I received to be able to purchase 20 Flip Video cameras for my spring 2009 section of Writing, Research, and Technology. I’ve used them in fall 2009 and spring 2010, as well. I was asked to model the workshop after my blog post “6 recommendations for teaching with the flip video camera.” That post led to my use of the Flips to be featured in an eLearn Magazine article, How Tiny Camcorders are Changing Education.” In the article I mention a 7th recommendation. Hence, the title of the workshop.

I used the following Prezi to help structure the workshop. Enjoy!

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