four photos accepted to 2010 Holga Show

I’m very excited to write that four of my photos have been selected to appear in The Holga Show (2010). The Holga Show is presented at the Saans Downtown gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah. This year’s show is curated by renowned Holga photographer, Céline Downen, and judged by Richard Floyd, Director of Collections Management at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Texas). Three of my photos showed in 2008 and it is great to be included again this year (there was no show in 2009).The show will be exhibited for two months: June 18 – August 16.

I submitted five photographs and I’m not sure which one wasn’t selected to appear. I suspect the bottom one below, The Nott Memorial, wasn’t selected; when I find out I’ll update the post.

Updated 7/27/10: This morning I heard from Tom at Saans Downtown and he let me know that the four black and white images were accepted and that the one of my wife, Wendy, in front of the doughnut shop wasn’t. This was a huge surprise to me because I really like that photo. She was all like, “What, so I’m not good enough?” LOL

Here they are:

Cherry Trunk by Bill Wolff

Cafe Dumont by Bill Wolff

Wigs by Bill Wolff

Donuts and Milk by Bill Wolff

The Nott Memorial by Bill Wolff

All comments and criticism welcome!

(All of the photos are included in my new Blurb photo book, decompositions & other reflections. Take a look and let me know what you think.)

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