have iphone, but not att? no problem

A 17 year old from Glen Rock, NJ has hacked the iPhone so it can be used with carriers other than ATT. All you need:

  • First, an iPhone. Of the sshed and jailbroken variety. Also, kill commcenter by moving the LaunchDaemon plist out of the directory.
  • Some trusty case opener tools(read: guitar picks) Read one of the many tutorials available online for taking apart your phone.
  • A soldering iron. This should’ve cost you more than $10.
  • Fine pitch wire. I used magnet wire salvaged from a little motor.
  • An unlock switch. The bigger and more badass, the better. Or if you are cheap, wire cutters :-)
  • A red bull. This requires concentration, something I don’t have without Red Bull.

To get a full detail of the mayhem that ensued during George Hotz’s journey, you can start at the beginning of his blog, Finding JTAG on the iPhone. Or, just to see the steps, start with Its Release Time and follow the links.

Oh, and the second hacked phone (he uses the first as his personal phone) was going for $1.2 million on ebay at the time of this post. Bidding was canceled for some reason. Check back latter.

No word yet on how apple is going to react to this.

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