My old friend who is an art teacher in the town where I grew up (and I blogged about here) is having her students design advertisements based on the iPod theme. Students come up with their own poses to communicate a certain meaning. My favorite is by joseph318:

iDisinfect by joseph318

Richard Diebenkorn by a 4th graderI am constantly amazed by the work her students are doing–especially when I think back to what I created in that same classroom space: papier-mâché everything—a memory my sister also shares. Van Gogh by a 1st GraderTheir understanding of technique, theory, and form suggest that there is something significant going on in their minds and in her classroom. When I first saw the pieces I immediately thought of Janet Emig’s The Composing Process of 12th Graders, wondering if there is a composing process that can be identified for K-6 art students.

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