one laptop per child announces 2008 campaign

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) has announced its 2008 Give One, Get One campaign. This year individuals have the ability to Give One (for $199) or Give One and Get One (for $399).

In coordination with this announcement, OLPC has released a video of students talking about how much they like their laptop have provided a link to their Flickr photostream, which contains images of students using OLPC laptops all over the world. (Disappointingly, this open source project has not provided others with the ability to embed the video or Flickr slideshows.)

The New York Times has also announced a new ad campaign by Taxi to promote the Give One, Get One campaign.

Readers of the blog will know that I purchased an OLPC last year but will also know about my concerns about its marketing. Students, however, are usually quite taken with the little laptop. Much more needs to be said about all of this, but I have to run to class (where I am showing the laptop). More later.

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