one laptop per child give-one, get one campaign

ONLC laptop

I have been meaning to post this reminder that the One Laptop Per Child Give One, Get One campaign is currently under way. Between Nov 12 and Nov 26 you can purchase 2 of the way cool, eco-friendly, hand-powered, solar-powered, outlet-powered OLPC laptop for $399 (plus shipping) and one will be donated to a child in a developing country. Your tax-deductible donation comes with one year of free T-Mobile hotspot access.

The laptop runs on the Linux operating system which means that user-driven development will be creative, practical, fun, and on-going. You can see the applications (called Activities) that come standard as well as others that have been and are being developed.

This review of the OLPC laptop is quite good.

I can’t wait for mine to arrive.

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