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Photo of Bill WolffI am an assistant professor of Communications and Digital Media in the Communications Studies department at Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA. In fall 2018 I am teaching two required courses for all majors: one section of Web Design and Development, and two sections of the capstone course, Digital Storytelling.

Prior to joining St. Joe’s, I was an Associate Professor of Writing Arts at Rowan University, a mid-sized state university in southern New Jersey, where I taught graduate and undergraduate classes that asked students to explore the connections between and among technologies and writing. In 2014 I was added to Rowan’s Wall of Fame for Excellence in Teaching and in 2010 I received an Honorable Mention in the Junior Faculty Innovative Teaching Award for the work students in Writing, Research, and Technology were doing with video composition.

On this site you can find links to my current and past courses, information about my scholarship, a collection of exemplary student projects, a blog (which is sadly in need of more regular updates), links to my and a multitude of other nuggets and resources.

My current research project is a large-scale study of fan communities on Twitter. I am specifically looking at Bruce Springsteen fans, but the findings will have broader appeal for understanding how Twitter is facilitating (or not) how people are composing communities online. This study builds on prior work in which I investigated how Web 2.0 applications are transforming how we understand what it means to write online.

I have a PhD in English (Computers and English Studies) from The University of Texas at Austin, an MA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati, and a BA in English from Union College (Schenectady, NY). I’m trying to keep up with my BA and MA creative writing roots by working on a play, Shingles, and writing some poetry. I’m also searching for a publisher for my children’s picture book, One Gray Whale.

I am also an avid photographer. My photos have shown in galleries in New Jersey, Utah, Delaware, and Texas. I tend to prefer using vintage cameras and expired film. new house in mediaMost recently I have been focusing on using a Polaroid 250 Land Camera with expired Chocolate peel-apart film and a 1914 Kodak 1-A Folding Pocket Camera with expired Kodak VP122 film.

I live in Media, PA, with my wife, Wendy, and sons, Hydan and Seeger. Please contact me at wwolff [at] sju [dot] edu and @billwolffsju or via the contact page.

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