new photos: l.j. herman’s 2nd hand shop

For some reason I haven’t been posting photos lately (though I have taken quite a few). So, to make up for not posting them, here is a slideshow of some I took today of L.J. Herman’s 2nd Hand Shop, located in East Windsor, N.J.

This shop holds a special place in my memory. As a child my father and I would turn left at this shop to go see a friend of the family who sold antiques (my father used to fix antique clocks on the side). The friend, Cliff, had barns full of antiques. His daughter, Brooke, and I used to run in and out of them while my father and Cliff caught up. I can’t recall ever stopping in and buying something from L.J. Herman but the building, and it’s unique signage, has stayed in my memory all these year. You can see larger images by going to my Flickr photostream.

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4 Responses to new photos: l.j. herman’s 2nd hand shop

  1. Marcela Sulak says:

    These are beautiful!

  2. Bill says:

    Thanks, Marcela!

  3. This shop has always stood out to me, yet oddly enough I have never acted on the impulse to do a photoshoot there. I lived in Robbinsville for seven years and passed right by the 2nd Hand Shop many many times on the way to an aunt’s house. Great photos! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. ronnie shay says:

    I was there this weekend.I stoped and spoke with the guy who bought the contents and is clearing the building . I’ve been going to this shop for over 20 years. Leon Herman who owned and ran the shop is still in the area but selling the proerty. the building is set for Demolition and the contents are being moved out by a PA company. Very sad that this local icon is coming down. The building is in severe disrepair.

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