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one article’s terrorist is another’s patriot

Last night I tweeted the following about the New York Times article, “Militia Charged With Plotting to Murder Officers“: The tweet resulted in a few responses (the second of which, from @kichigai,  made the strong case that “I can’t help … Continue reading

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wordles of obama’s cairo speech

Reading the speech Obama gave this morning in Cairo was like reading all of complex, elusive, and often conflicting ideas that I have had for quite a while about the relationships among Christians, Muslims, and Jews. How refreshing to hear … Continue reading

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the metaphors of class discussion

Information Architecture began in earnest this past Monday with the discussion of Lakoff and Johnson’s seminal Metaphors We Live By. Lead by Joe Sabatini’s discussion questions, and informed by student responses to the reading posted at the IAOC Blog, students … Continue reading

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mapping superbowl tweets in the nytimes

this post has been retitled from “it’s a twitter-happy go-go springsteen nation.” Via @courtneybird who retweeted @nickbilton and an email message from my father (who refuses to Twitter but sends me all sorts of Twitter-related news articles), the New York … Continue reading

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