light leaks magazine, issue 7

The latest edition of Light Leaks magazine arrived in my mailbox last week. Light Leaks, which is dedicated to “Low Fidelity Photography” is a new publication (only 7 issues so far), and each one is better than the next. In an age when anyone can take a spectacular picture using a high-tech digital camera and Photoshop, Light Leaks is a refreshing reminder of what can be done with less:

Light Leaks magazine is all about the low-fi. Our readers love unusual cameras—plastic toy cameras, crappy cameras, pinhole cameras, “technologically challenged” cameras. Light Leaks showcases these cameras, the photographers behind them and the photos created with them.

Of particular interest in Issue 7 are Wally Billingham‘s article on how to shoot infrared film using a Holga and Kelsey Jarboe’s portfolio.

I’ve had infrared film and the necessary filter and step-up ring sitting in my camera case all summer, but thought that I had to load the film into the Holga in complete darkness. Turns out to not be the case, and I’ll be breaking out the infrared when I head to Rochester this weekend for my cousin, Andrew’s wedding.

You can see some of my Holga prints in my Picasa portfolio.

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