remembering katrina

Two years ago today and the days following my wife and I, as many did, watched with horror and rage as New Orleans flooded and thousands were left to try and survive. Several thousand residents took shelter in Austin, and Aimee and I did what we did to help: we went to Costco and bought at much as we could afford of the items we were told were in need: water, baby formula, diapers, and many others. I got my friend, Craig, an ER doctor in NYC, in contact with a doctor in Houston and he flew down and helped for a week:

Craig Helping

My cynicism tells me that what is still happening in New Orleans was to be expected, but it still disgusts me that we can spend billions killing other citizens instead of spending billions saving the citizens of this country.

Watch this video (and the many others at Brave New Films), go to the web site, and demand that something be done.

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