Screencast and Video of My Computers and Writing 2013 Presentation

Updated 12 June 2013 I presented “Baby, We were Born to Tweet: #Springsteen, Concert Tweets, and an Emergent Transmediated Composing Community” at the 2013 Computers and Writing Conference.  In it I discuss my large-scale study of Springsteen fans on Twitter in which I use grounded theory to analyze the data. My presentation was part of THE GREATEST PANEL IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE, On the Digital Rhetorics of Fans and Fan Communities, with superheroes Tekla Hawkins, Kyle Stedman, and Amanda Wall. You can view the talk in two ways: screencast made after the conference or a video of the talk made while I was giving it.

The screencast is slightly different from the talk I gave in person. One slide has been updated to fix a typo, and two have been reversed to make the presentation more smooth. I also seem to have talked much longer here. Not sure why. The quality also isn’t as good as I’d like. If I can get a better version online, I’ll update the post.

Here is the actual talk. Note that at around 14minutes, I say “qualitative” when discussing Franco Moretti. I should have said, “quantitative.”

Let me know what you think!

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