Summer 2013 To-Do List

Now that grading is done, it’s time to get my summer to-do list down. I need to be especially dicsiplined this summer because baby #2 is arriving in August [Seeger Reyes Wolff born 8/14 :-)] and there will be no time to get things done for a while after that. I’ll cross them off and add the dates of completion when and if they are completed. I’ve broken them into three categories: Personal, Scholarly, and Creative:


  • fun adventures with Wendy and Hydan
  • see my grandparents saw gpa June 22 (gpa passed away on 8/23)
  • garden (I’m behind on this already and would love to plant corn) planted June 14, beets added June 18
  • set up baby #2’s nursery finally completed August 8
  • biking (I need to lose about 15lbs this summer)
  • eat healthy, by which I mean pescatarian, and no soda (even local root beers)
  • clean out basement
  • sell a bunch of stuff on Craigslist Lenox China, Pottery Barn dinnerware, Pottery Barn buffet & hutch, Amish pot belly dresser posted on July 7
  • clean home office and campus office completed May 28
  • complete Dropbox to Spideroak transition
  • bring Ellie to the vet completed July 11


  • Computers & Composition article proof edits (deadline: 5/24/13) completed May 22 and August 12
  • #cwcon13 paper (deadline: 6/5/13) completed and presented; see the screencast
  • learning space design article revisions (title: “Learning in Trees and Classrooms”: Responsive Architecture, Phenotypic Plasticity, and the Future of Classroom Spaces)
  • web 2.0 reader
  • #springsteen internet ethnography and survey fan study IRB submitted July 11; see it online; approved July 30, 2013; released the survey August 1
  • turn #springsteen symposium talks into articles
  • sabbatical application (I hope to be on sabbatical 2014 – 2015 academic year)
  • set up new RSS feed reader set up newsblur on July 11
  • blog
  • overhaul web site (will never get done this summer but it needs to be stated)
  • reading on: internet ethnography, grounded theory, fan studies completed throughout summer
  • Scan: New Media journal article review (due July 22, 2013) completed July 21, 2013
  • upgrade yourTwapperKeeper completed and upgraded server to 20GB June 18


  • Chocolates photo show preparation (deadline: 5/21/13 and up to 6/7/13) Completed May 29
  • finish “Tiresias Groans” generative poem and then put online with #inarchs13 student poems
  • submit One Gray Whale picture book to another publisher Completed May 23 to Charlesbridge
  • revise and submit some poems to journals Completed May 23, submitted “Bear to Boston,” “Such Mysteries,” and “On My Wife’s First Trimester Screen” to Sundog Lit (rejected); July 1, submitted “On My Wife’s First Trimester Screen” to Poetry (rejected).
  • 2335 McCoy Road Chocolates prep for August show in Biggs Museum Completed June 11
  • lots of toy camera photography in preparation for November photo show, Toys will show Chocolates instead
  • cwip (upload student books and then shut it down)
  • work on Shingles
  • submit Chocolates images to various galleries Submitted to: ImpossibleNYC (June 13); Photobooth San Francisco (July 8); Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO) (July 25) [no word from any gallery]


  • grade incompletes completed July 19
  • write observation letters completed June 12
  • finalize job search EEO form completed May 28
  • prepare for fall 2013 Writing for Electronic Communities completed September 5
  • notify #iwsf12 students to move their web sites completed July 31

There’s quite a bit on there. We’ll see how it goes.

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