tentative summer plans and projects

I spent a little while this morning mapping out my summer plans and projects. Here they are, organized in a few ways:

Major Projects
Computers and Composition article based on #cw2010 deliverator talk
Remixing / Remix As Scholarship for Computers and Composition Digital Press
Web 2.0 Reader (tentative title) with @betajames
Blurb photo book (tentative title: 8 Second Exposure) and show to various cafes and coffee houses
Various juried photo submissions
Tenure Packet

Weekly Constants
Monday & Thursday: post to Composing with Images with @billiehara
Thursday: See grandma
As required: book project emails and discussions
Find time for mountain biking and photography

6/2 – 6/6: Blurb book and photo submissions
6 /7 – 6/27: Write and submit Computers and Composition article, “Thoughts on Writing in the Age of Web 2.0”

6/29 – 7/8: possible vacation dates

7/12 – 7/24: Plan courses (2 sections of WRT and grad seminar, Internet and Writing Studies) and upgrade web site
7/25 – 7/30: Work on and submit Junior Faculty Teaching Award application

8/10 – 8/21: Work on Tenure Packet (due early October)
8/23 – 8/29: Begin work on Introduction for Remixing / Remix As Scholarship

9/1: Classes Start

This could all be thrown into disarray if we sell the house, but we’ll deal with that in the unlikely event that it actually happens.

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