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Via Common Craft, WetPaint has created a series of video parodies to advertise their easy to use wiki service. WetPaint uses a WYSiWYG for editing, which seems to be less awkward than the one now being used by PBwiki. It also offers users unlimited memory, though there is a limit to the number and size of uploaded files. Common Craft, the creators of the Plain English series, has partnered with WetPaint and has created a video highlighting its fearures.

A sampling of their parodies:

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  1. Jim says:

    Interesting who they’ve chosen to embody the “wetpaint” side of things – a black female. I’m reminded of Martin Kevorkian’s book Color Monitors. Kevorkian argues that images of the black technology expert circulate (in pop culture, in ads, etc.) in order to domesticate two things we fear most: black bodies and technology. Technology becomes a way to control the feared black body – and the black body acts as a buffer for technology that we fear. A perfect circuit.

  2. Bill says:

    Thanks for this reference, Jim. From the amazon description you seem to be right on the money with this one. I seem to recall some other tech and related ads that have used black spokespeople, but can’t name them now. This one is going on my reading list.

  3. Matt says:

    I recently found a new wiki on the web called
    It is free and it works well and is stable. See for yourself…

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