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About the Course Calendar

Texts are to be read/watched/listened to for day they are listed. For example,Branch; Deziel; Kaufman; and Phillips are to be read for Wednesday, September 6. Homework in addition to texts will be presented in yellow. The schedule is subject to change; it is your responsibility to check it regularly.

Week One: Beginnings / Digital Storytelling

M 8/28: Introductions, Syllabus, Example: Gold Million Records

Assignment for Wednesday, 8/30
Please read/watch/listen to and be prepared to discuss articles by Griffins & Kaminer; Ashkenas et al; Einhorn, Ward, & Williams; Lambert. All articles can be access on the Readings page. Bring with you a list of 5 – 7 ways the articles by Griffins & Kaminer; Ashkenas et al; and Einhorn, Ward, & Williams can be considered examples of digital storytelling, as defined by Lambert.

For each of the online articles, make sure you listen to the audio that accompany nearly all the images. In “Foot Soldiers,” be sure to read the Introductory text that can be accessed by clicking on “Introduction by Ariel Kaminer” in the bottom left.

Click through the course web site, getting familiar with the layout and read the Syllabus carefully. Come to class with any questions you might have.

If you do not yet have a Twitter account, please sign up for one at http://twitter.com. Twitter works best (especially for our purposes) when the username is professional and you are authentic. For example, my username is: billwolffsju (http://twitter.com/billwolffsju), and I use my full name to show who I am. My account is unlocked. Please sign up with a professional username and keep your account unlocked. We’ll be using Twitter in a professional way so there is no need to keep anything private. Make sure you have your username with you. The shorter the username the better and please avoid underscores (_); they are hard to type on smartphones.

Create an Instagram account, as well, if you don’t yet have one using the same professional criteria as described for Twitter.

Important: If you have let your web site domain expire, please re-register it (or create a new one) with Reclaim Hosting, which is $25 for a year. Make your domain name professional and easily identified with you, like williamwolff.org is identified with me. Choose a .com or .net domain, not .org. If you did not create a web site with your own domain name in COM 200, please let me know.

To create an account and install WordPress, you can follow this tutorial:

W 8/30: Griffins & Kaminer; Ashkenas et al; Einhorn, Ward, & Williams; Lambert on digital storytelling
F 9/1: Continue Griffins & Kaminer; Ashkenas et al; Einhorn, Ward, & Williams; Lambert on digital storytelling
Hand out Social Media and Photography assignments

Week Two: Digital and Transmedia Storytelling

Assignment for Wednesday, 9/6
Please read/watch/listen to and be ready to discuss articles by Branch; Deziel; Kaufman; and Phillips. As you engage with the articles (which are more robust than the ones we read for last week) consider how they might extend our understanding of Digital Storytelling as described by Lambert.

Specifically, I’d like you to tweet about 3 or 4 places in Branch, Deziel, or Kaufman, where Voice is leading to Emotion that helps us better understand the Point and the Dramatic Question. What is it about the Voice that gives us the emotion? Add #storyf17 to all your tweets.

Remember we said that Lambert’s definitions were a starting point and that in class on Wednesday we would expand his definition, in part using Phillips discussion of transmedia storytelling.

So, please be prepared to discuss how Branch’s, Deziel’s, and Kaufman’s might be considered transmedia storytelling.

Please read the Social Media and Photography assignments. We’ll address any questions you have next Wednesday.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

M 9/4: Labor Day — No Class
W 9/6: Branch; Deziel; Kaufman; and Phillips; notes-for-transmedia-storytelling.pdf

Assignment for Friday, September 8
Please read Semester-Long Investigation Project Assignment and the Blogging Assignment.

We will discuss both assignments in class.

Make sure you have your Reclaim Hosting username and password with you in class.

F 9/8: Discuss Semester-Long Investigation Project and Blogging Assignment
Hand out Semester-long Investigative Project

Week Three: Topics, Assignments, and Conferences

M 9/11: Discuss Semester-Long Investigation Project
Hand out Blogging Assignment
Hand out Story of Learning Assignment
W 9/13: Discuss Blogging and Story of Learning Assignments
F 9/15: Class Canceled for Conferences (held 9/18 & 9/19)
My Story up Until This Moment due by 11:00pm
Investigation Proposal due on blog by 11:00pm

Week Four: Interviewing

M 9/18: Class Canceled for Conferences

Assignment for Wednesday, 9/20
Please read and come to class ready to discuss Haley, “Black History, Oral History, and Geneology”; Thompson, “The Voice of the Past”; and Sangster, “Telling Our Stories: Feminist Debates and the use of Oral History” (see the Readings page).

These readings serve as our introduction to Oral History and, eventually, the oral history interview process. In response to the readings, I’d like to start to engage your classmates in a conversation about oral history. Some questions to spark conversation: What does oral history reveal that other forms of history might not? What questions do you have about it? What is intriguing but confusing? What passages might you need help understanding? Tweet 3 times starting a conversation and reply to at least 3 tweets. Please don’t ask yes/no questions and don’t give one-word answers.

W 9/20: Oral history intro with Haley; Thompson; and Sangster; oh-1.pdf

Assignment for Friday, 9/22
Please read the articles by Portelli and Studs Terkel with Tony Parker. Listen to Terkel’s oral history interviews with Joseph Moore and Leola Spann:

Joseph Moore:

Leola Spann:

Please watch at least the first 35 minutes of Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts:

Tweet five thoughts about the interviews and Spike Lee’s interview subjects in relation to the ideas expressed by Portelli and Terkel in which you engage your classmates in discussion. Try to reply to at least 3 tweets. Use the #storyf17 hashtag. Complete well before class time.

If you have yet to start the photography assignment, you are getting behind. Please start immediately.

F 9/22: Portelli; Studs Terkel with Tony Parker, Spike Lee’s When the Levee’s Broke
Hand out Video Interview Assignment

Week Five: Looking and Audio Stories

M 9/25: Horowitz, pages 1-55, 93-122, 185-210, 241-265
Hand out Lookings Audio Assignment
W 9/27: Continue Horowitz
F 9/29: Audio stories to be added

Week Six: Fieldnotes

M 10/2: Emerson, Fritz, & Shaw, pages 1 – 44
W 10/4: Meeting outside of the classroom TBD
F 10/6: Emerson, Fritz, & Shaw, pages 45 – 89
Hand out Fieldnotes assignment

Week Seven: Objects and Photography

M 10/9: Fall Break — No Class
W 10/11: duChemin on Photography; photographic objects
F 10/13: Readings on Objects: Strohecker, Beinhart, Mitchell, and then read Turkle
Hand out Objects Photography Assignment
Midterm Story of Learning Due by 11:00pm

Week Eight: Midterm Conferences

M 10/16: Class canceled for conferences
W 10/18: Class canceled for conferences
F 10/30: Class canceled for conferences

Week Nine: Graphics

M 10/23: reading TBD
W 10/25: reading TBD
F 10/27: reading TBD

Week Ten: The Design of a Story

M 10/30: Design readings TBD
W 11/1: Design readings TBD
F 11/3: Design readings TBD

Week Eleven: Project Status Conferences

M 11/6:Class canceled for conferences
W 11/8: Class canceled for conferences
F 11/10: Class canceled for conferences

Week Twelve: Project Designs

M 11/13: Alphabetic Story due
W 11/15: TBD
F 11/17: Audio Story Due

Week Thirteen: Project Designs

M 11/20: Video Story due
W 11/22: Thanksgiving Break — No Class
F 11/24: Thanksgiving Break — No Class

Week Fourteen: Project Designs

M 11/27: Photo story due
W 11/29: Graphics due
F 12/1: Mode of Choice due

Week Fifteen: Draft Week

M 12/4: Transmediated Rough Draft workshops
W 12/6: Draft Workshops continued
F 12/8: Course Evals; Final Questions

Week Sixteen: Last Week

M 12/11: Final Project Showcase

Friday, 12/15: Final Story of Learning due by noon

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