#wdds24 major projects

fall 2024 projects

important activity and due dates

Due dates are subject to change and the most recent due date will always be on the course calendar.

Learning Record Weekly Updates are due every Friday by 5:00pm.

  • 1/22: Must have your URL with you in class
  • 1/26: Story of Learning Part 1 Due
  • 2/2: First Story of Learning weekly update due by 5:00pm
  • 2/9: tags.html Review Due
  • 2/14: Emotional Design Notes Due by start of class
  • 2/26: Design Persona due by 11:00pm
  • 3/1: Midterm Story of Learning Due by 11:00pm
  • 3/15: Class Canceled for Midterm Conferences
  • 3/22: Project 1 Rough Draft 1 due by start of individual meeting
  • 3/28: Project 1 Final and Reflections due by 11:00pm
  • 3/29 – 4/1: Easter Break
  • 4/15: Professional Site Rough Draft Due by start of individual meeting
  • 5/3: Last Day of Class
  • TBD: Finals Week Open Coding
  • TBD: Professional Site Final Draft Due by 11:00pm
  • TBD: Final Story of Learning Due by 11:00pm

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